Escape Plan 001

Interview for job tomorrow.  Hope that it goes well, but secretly hope that you don’t get it.  The job would be good and it would make you happy, but if you don’t get it this will be the perfect time to plan your escape.

The plan was already forming.  You’ve worked two full time jobs over the last few months.  One job is seasonal, the other is not.  It’s a normal 9-5er.  In January, when the seasonal job slows to a near halt until May, quit my 9-5er and travel for a while.  The choices for a trip are as follows:

1) Epic bike ride (e.g. Southern-tier route across the USA; along the Pacific coast; or through the Sierra Cascades).

2) Globetrotting.  With friends in Turkey and Thailand, why not pick a few countries and spend a couple of months vagabonding?

3) Teaching English abroad.  This would probably require you to quit both jobs.

4) Filming a web-based show about working abroad.

If you know yourself, you know that you’re constantly coming up with new ideas.  Your desk is full of scrap paper marked with hair-brained schemes, story ideas, and lyrics.  Your hard-drives are full of partially completed video projects.  Your problem has always been making your ideas a reality.  You recently promised yourself not to allow yourelf to come up with any new ideas until you started to bring some of the old ones to fruition.  This is the only way you believe you can motivate yourself to get things done.  And it is.